Smart ConNEXion Internet Access

Industry-Leading Cloud Connectivity

Smart ConNEXion is an advanced multi-carrier next-generation internet access available nationwide that provides superior connectivity to the Cloud and the Internet.

  • Faster Transactions  
  • Greater Employee Productivity
  • Maximizes IT Investments
  • Fully-Managed
  • Engineered for 100% uptime

With up to 4 internet circuits from diverse top-tier underlying carriers PLUS FailSafe® Cloud-first SD-WAN included, Smart ConNEXion is available in speeds from 75Mbps to 3Gbps and offered with copper ethernet or fiber hand-off.

Smart ConNEXion’s advanced internet access transmits your data simultaneously over multiple circuits and employs dynamic and intelligent routing to avoid circuit degradation and virtually eliminates packet loss, latency and jitter. Smart ConNEXion offers premium performance including business application prioritization carried through to major data centers so your organization can enjoy unprecedented connectivity to the Cloud and the Internet.


Designed from the ground-up Smart ConNEXion delivers maximum throughput for unparalleled access to your cloud services with Same-IP Auto-failover. That means 100% uptime and cost savings and cost savings for your business.

Completely installed and maintained by NEXXIS with 24/7 support.

Exceptional internet access solution with built-in carrier diversity, redundancy, and Cloud access benefits that help maximize your IT investments.

  • Outperforms dedicated internet access (DIA)
  • Includes up to 4 Internet circuits
  • Includes NEXXIS FailSafe® Cloud-first AI driven SD-WAN services
  • Faster upload and download speeds
  • AUTO Fail-over with Same IP delivery
  • Fully Managed by Nexxis
  • 24x7 Support
  • One Agreement, One Invoice, One Support Call


Nexxis helps your company become more efficient, offering services that enable faster, more efficient voice and data transmissions with secure Ethernet-based solutions that help increase communication, productivity, and efficiency.

We offer nationwide fiber-optic based connectivity that offers your company an edge.