Clear, Confident Cloud-First SD-Wan

NX FailSafe® is a Cloud-first SD-WAN service powered by BigLeaf® self-driving AI technology that supercharges your existing Internet circuit for high performance. Experience unprecedented connectivity to your Cloud services and the Internet.

Improve performance, connection, agility, and resilience with NEXXIS. 

What is SD-WAN?

The traditional WAN model used to prioritize traffic in site-to-site connectivity backhauls traffic from branch offices to centralized data centers for security inspection. It caused bandwidth waste, latency and impaired application performance. In addition, MPLS circuits typically used to perform this function were very costly.

SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) automates IT traffic over your existing Internet circuits. SD-WAN is programmed to steer specific types of data to its destination with prioritization eliminating the need for MPLS and reducing overall costs.

The benefits:

  • Provides consistent app performance
  • Automates traffic steering
  • Improves security
  • Simplifies WAN architecture

What is Wrong with Traditional WAN Architecture

Traditional WAN routers are not designed for the Cloud and traffic backhauls impair app performance. SD-WAN technologies, on the other hand, can support on-premises data centers, Cloud, and SaaS services to enhance app performance.

NEXXIS Builds a Better WAN

With today’s domination of Cloud services, traditional SD-WAN routers, designed for site-to-site connectivity, are not able to provide the necessary Cloud performance.  

NX FailSafe® - the ultimate connectivity for your Cloud services, brings SD-WAN technologies to the next level. This fully automated solution maximizes the efficiency of your existing primary and back-up circuits by using both simultaneously. It intelligently Auto-Prioritizes your business applications, increases throughput, and virtually eliminates downtime. FailSafe helps maximize your IT investments in Cloud services:

  • optimal performance
  • resilient connectivity
  • confidence in connection
  • better user experience
  • costs savings

NEXXIS can improve your network performance. Find out how today.

NEXXIS Builds a Better WAN


With deep experience in High-Speed Internet, Data Transport, and Hosted Voice (VoIP) solutions, Nexxis was created out of a desire to focus on quality of service.

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