FailSafe® Fully-Automated Cloud-First SD-WAN

Reliable, resilient, connectivity service that prioritizes your business application transactions and maximizes your high speed bandwidth connection - engineered to deliver 100% uptime for unmatched performance.

NX FailSafe® real-time application prioritization, seamless Same-IP Auto-failover, and unprecedented speed virtually eliminates packet loss, latency, and jitter, increasing productivity and offering uninterrupted data transfers with the highest quality and fastest connection to the cloud.

FailSafe® connects to your existing internet serivice and prioritizes data transfer to your Cloud services through all of your internet circuits simultaneously, offering diverse-path, diverse-carrier connectivity and maximizing high-speed bandwidth.

Powered by BigLeaf®'s self-driving AI technology, NEXXIS FailSafe® assures network traffic and access to the internet is consistent, predictable, reliable and prioritized.

NEXXIS FailSafe® Solution

Provides our customers with:

  • Cloud-First priority access
  • Faster Throughput Speeds
  • Simultaneous connectivity to multiple diverse internet carriers
  • Intelligent AUTO load balancing
  • Auto-Prioritized VoIP, Video, and VPN through Internet PoPs
  • Cost-effective, efficient solution

This completely automated solution prioritizes your business applications to major data centers so you get the best experience with your cloud services with Intelligent Load-Balancing that makes routing and QoS changes in real time to prevent disruptions. Take advantage of our High-Availability option for increased redundancy.

Whether your business has mission critical communication needs, wants greater confidence in communication, security in data transfer, or just greater productivity through faster connection, FailSafe® can help!


NEXXIS FailSafe® delivers unprecedented connectivity, industry-leading throughput and exceptional reliability. 

It dramatically improves data transmission, remedies VoIP connectivity issues, helps deliver exceptional live conference connections, virtually eliminates downtime, and is designed to increase productivity with business continuity. Predictable and reliable. 

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