NEXXIS Solutions for Data Transport

NEXXIS  helps businesses of all sizes keep pace with the growing demands of communication in the technology and digital age. With NEXXIS, your company is more efficient and your data transmissions are faster, secure, and complete.

WIth nationwide fiber-optic based connectivity solutions, your company has the edge it needs to scale quickly and efficiently to meet growing demands.


Secure point-to-point and cost-efficient ethernet data transport at reduced costs.

  • Dedicated for increased reliability
  • Scale with ease, avoiding bottlenecks and increase
  • Optimize Performance and speed for better productivity and efficiency of your teams
  • Reduce Costs



  • SLA backed for latency, jitter, packet loss and service availability
  • Seamless connection
  • Certified compliance



  • Reduce costs with Nexxis and share a single port across multiple networks
  • Enjoy minimal latency and secure access
  • Dedicated point to point service engineered for hub and spoke corporate architecture

Best-In-Class Reliability

Simple, effective, resilient services from major carriers networks for best-in-class reliability that yeilds great results for:

  • Financial service firms that need high speed, secure solutions
  • Medical facilities to suport imaging and electronic medical records
  • Educational institutions for events, presentations and on-lline learning
  • Gaming, software and service companies that need speed
Best-In-Class Reliability