NEXXIS connects your business with the right solutions

Optimizing how your business connects to its applications, data, and network is essential. NEXXIS engineers advanced technologies to provide solutions that accelerate the way you connect today, helping advance toward tomorrow.

  • Increased Productivity
  • Confidence and Reliability
  • Cost Savings

NX Internet Access

NX Internet Access

NEXXIS engineers enterprise-level internet solutions for companies of all sizes.

Utilizing premium underlying carriers, we provide a diverse array of Internet Access options, including dedicated internet access (DIA), Ethernet over Fiber (EoF), Cable Modem, and 4G/5G Wireless tailored for your business.

We offer:

  • Nationwide service for primary & back-up needs
  • Fastest Speeds from 20 Mbps to 100 Gbps
  • Unprecedented efficiency
  • High-availability options
  • Fully-managed multi-carrier solutions

From web conferencing, cloud applications and data-heavy transfers, Nexxis offers reliability, speed and 24/7 support services that help businesses seamlessly adapt to the ever-changing needs of technology and communication today.

NX Data Transport

NX Data Transport

Reliable, fast, and secure data transport essential to business today.

For businesses with 2 or more locations that need a higher level of security and speed for their internal data, Nexxis has the right solution to securely connect their sites without having their data traverse over the Internet.

The experts at NEXXIS ensure our clients experience confidence in data security, speed and transport, and that their solution is the optimal solution for their business. We offer a variety of options to suit the needs of multi-site organizations, each able to accommodate a specific purpose. 



NEXXIS SD-WAN services are engineered to provide multi-site organizations with optimized data transport over the internet. They prioritize and categorize businesses applications, ensuring your connection is fast and secure, eliminating traditional costs associated with MPLS circuits.

However, today’s modern businesses run on cloud-based applications. As businesses and technology expand, one of the biggest challenges IT departments face is ensuring resilience in user-experience.  To solve this, advancemnets in technology have enabled even single site organizations to gain the benefits associated of SD-WAN.

FailSafe AI-powered Cloud-first SD-WAN enables single and multi-site organizations to experience unprecedented connectivity to the Cloud. It's the next best thing to having a direct connection to major Data Centers in the US.

NX Voice

NX Voice

NEXXIS best-in-class voice solutions are engineered for the needs of your business. Whether you have Cloud-based or on-prem PBX requirements, NEXXIS managed services outshine the competion in convenience and conneciton. 

Services include:

  • NX Hosted VoIP 
    Fully-managed Cloud-based solution with Remote Worker Apps.  $0 Upfront cost*.
  • NX Toll Free Services
    Reduce the costs of your existing Toll-Free services.
  • NX SIP Trunks
    Get highly dependable SIP Trunks for your on-prem IP Telephony solution. 

*  assumes hardware is leased. Exceptions for add-on equipment, services, or features.

A Complete Service Delivering Business Continuity

NEXXIS clients love our one agreement, one invoice, one service call approach.

We deliver complete solutions for all your connection needs and ensure your people, your organization, and your data are available to you anywhere and everywhere you need to be.

For small businesses and large organizations, NEXXIS becomes an extension of your IT department or IT managed service provider (MSP).  You have a quality connection to your voice and data that’s designed for 100% uptime and Business Continuity.

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