Nexxis Partner Program

Expand Your Offerings and Succeed Together


Perfect 5 Star Ratings for Customer Support!

Partnering with Nexxis enables you to incorporate our capabilities into your core offering without diverting attention from the evolution of your own services. Tightly integrated with your offerings, Nexxis will enhance your feature set, increase customer satisfaction, and open new markets and sales opportunities.


…Our sales and marketing will help add new and grow existing services to customers.


…Thinking differently is in our DNA. Nexxis excels in managing and providing faster, more resilient communication products solutions.


…about providing high-quality services and share this commitment with our partners.

Why Partner With Nexxis


Hopping on the Nexxis highway means you’ll be on the fast track to a great partnership in providing your customers with business-critical communication services. We pride ourselves in meeting or exceeding the quality and reliability of similar services your clients receive from other major providers. As part of Data Storage Corporation, a publicly-traded company, you can feel confident that Nexxis is credible, with 30 years of voice and data expertise behind them.

What Your Customers Will Enjoy:

  • One provider specializing in voice & data services
  • One agreement
  • One invoice
  • One call for support on ALL services
  • 24×7 monitoring & maintenance support
  • Advanced technology
  • Cost-saving

What You’ll Enjoy:

  • New solutions that complement your existing portfolio
  • Greater uptime for your own services
  • High client satisfaction
  • Little effort required
  • New recurring revenue stream
This is the beginning of an outstanding partnership!