Are you ready for the Future of Work?

Two years ago, most of the world packed its offices up to figure out how to work from home. Many adapted, some thrived, some didn’t, but one thing is certain, the idea of work-life balance has now changed.

This year, top CEOs across the country called their workers back into the office. Statistics show employers prefer employees working in house, citing innovation, mentorship, and collaboration among top reasons. However, the 'New Normal' has created a gap between employers and employee work-culture, one that will need to be bridged. 

Despite employer's preference of a return to pre-pandemic structure, a resounding sentiment among most employees has called for greater flexibility. 97% of all employees prefer and expect a form of hybrid work as employment condition according to Deloitte, Gallup, and McKinsey’s latest reports. 

Employee burn-out, better work-life balance and accommodation of special populations such as working mothers and people with disabilities has become apparent over the course of these past few years. Flexibility and hybrid work provides solutions. Entering 2023, despite corporate preference, 80% of businesses will offer hybrid work, believing the model a component to staying competitive. Hybrid, at least for now, is the future. 

The definition of hybrid work has changed. Depending on the model: flexed, fixed, office first or remote-first, hybrid work is more about flexibility than location.

Many articles on the topic address employee benefits, but when executed correctly, through solid procedure and communication strategy, hybrid solutions can prove beneficial to business owners. 

Running and Efficient and Effective Operation

Running an effective, efficient, and competitive operation is going to take real ingenuity this year. Demands for higher wages grow, as costs felt by businesses and employees, rise. 

Business owners need industry presence, top talent, great technology, better collaboration, greater productivity, and growth; all while balancing costs and maintaining control. 

Hybrid work with continuity through connected communication and technology may provide solutions. 

Hybrid offices reduce the cost of office space by as much as 74% (Fortune). From real estate to furniture, supplies, insurance and overhead, less bodies in the office means more savings. Then there is a hiring and retention advantage. When negotiating a raise or attracting a new employee, hybrid work can offer a bargaining chip in talent acquisition and retention strategy for HR departments. 

Attracting and Retaining Ralent
When location is no longer is a factor, the talent pool grows. Businesses can keep parents and mothers-to-be on staff, help a top employee with work/life balance, avoiding burn out, and draw from a diverse pool of candidates. Less Sick Days Remote workers tend to work from home on “sick” days, whereas in office employees are more likely to call out. 

Seamless Connection and Collaboration.
Today, user-friendly software, secure cloud-based enterprise access and priority connection exists to ensure employees have equitable and inclusive access to the enterprise assets. This provides seamless collaboration regardless of geographical location. 

Limitless Presence
Corporate presence can be available from any geographical location in the world, whether the employee is remote, traveling or temporarily relocated. Inbound or outbound communication can exist, appearing as if its point of origin is your business location, ensuring continual presence and operational culture. 

Innovation, Creativity and Collaboration
Advanced connectivity to your cloud services and unified communications solutions enhance voice and video conferencing to provide seamless multilocation support for collaborative environments. Clear communication leads to greater attention and less screen fatigue for greater personal connection which, in turn, enhances the environment for creativity and innovation. 


NEXXIS is a voice, data, and Internet provider, offering superior solutions that include business continuity, and cost reduction for a variety of flexible employment scenarios including in-house employees, employees on the move and remote employees. 

No matter where your business goes, or where your employees are located, the full force of your enterprise can go there as well. Your business is anywhere and everywhere you need it to be. 

“Modern business is limitless,” says NEXXIS President John Camello, “Business operations exist both inside and outside the physical world of your building, which frees up new opportunities and new markets.” 

“Communications is what connects your business to those opportunities.” 

NEXXIS is a single source solution provider that delivers industry-leading and fully managed critical data, voice and internet solutions for today’s modern businesses. Find out if you are 2023 ready, learn more about the benefits of voice and data engineering and how it can offer a faster way to connect your business with the future of opportunity.

Contact NEXXIS 1-888-7-NEXXIS for a free consultation.

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