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The Most Comprehensive Voice Solution for Your Business


Hosted Voice is now the preferred voice communication solution

It provides features beyond those which were once found only in expensive premise-based systems. That said, choosing the right Hosted Voice provider is extremely essential for most small, mid, and enterprise level businesses

A Whole New Level of Communication

Features Include:

$0 Upfront Costs*
Built-in Business Continuity
Premium IP Phones
Crystal clear audio w QoS**
UNLIMITED Domestic Local AND Long-Distance Calling
User-Friendly Admin/User Portals

*   exceptions for add-on equipment, services, or features.
** with Complete Voice and Data solution.

Options Include:

Premium UCaaS Suite with:
    • Instant Messaging
    • Electronic Fax
    • Presence Panel
    • File Transfer
Analog Lines
Call Center
Call Recording
PoE Switches
Remote Worker Capability
And More!

Nexxis, a subsidiary of Data Storage Corporation, offers NX Hosted VoIP, a best-in-class voice solution built for enterprise-level organizations made affordable for small and mid-sized businesses, which requires ZERO upfront fees and NO payments until installation is 100% complete.* It includes many standard features such as Auto-Attendant and Hunt Groups at NO extra cost and incorporates HD Audio for exceptional voice clarity. Services are designed with Geo-Redundancy to assure Business Continuity and unparalleled reliability, and we include 24×7 Monitoring and Full Maintenance for peace of mind. In addition, we not only give you an Administrative Portal so you can make changes, but if you don’t have an Administrator on staff, we’ll gladly make the changes for you at NO additional cost!

Expert Hosted Voice Provider – Our experts have over 30 years’ experience in the voice field and realize that no two companies use a phone system the exact same way. Nexxis understands this so we dedicate the time to make sure the voice needs of your company are truly vetted. We provide a voice communication solution customized to fit your organization’s specific needs and ensure the installation does not disrupt your business. We pride ourselves on our quality services and our goal is that you are fully satisfied with the results for years to come. If it’s not right for your business, it’s not right for Nexxis.

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