Multi-Site Connectivity

Secure, high-speed transport that helps your business grow faster and safer.


Nexxis helps your company become more efficient by offering services that enable voice and data transmissions with secure Ethernet-based solutions. We offer nationwide fiber-optic based connectivity solutions that give your company the edge so you can meet ever growing demands.

Make the switch to NX Hosted VoIP and get

$100 per phone trade-in credit

Nexxis offers secure High-Speed Connectivity with great Customer Service at a lesser cost.

Choose the right transport services for your business:

E-Line for nailed-down point-to point connection.
E-LAN for any-site to any-site connectivity.

We offer highly resilient services from the major carrier networks for best-in-class reliability. It is a simple, yet very effective, combination that yields great results for:

  • Financial services firms that need high speed, reliable, and secure solutions

  • Medical facilities to support imaging and Electronic Medical Records

  • Educational institutions for events, presentations, and distant learning

  • Gaming, Software, and Services companies that have the need for speed

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