COVID-19 Information

Message from Nexxis regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic

At Nexxis, the well-being and safety of our employees, customers and communities is a top priority. During this crisis, the telecommunications services we provide are deemed essential and we are taking all necessary steps to keep our customers connected.

Our management team is dedicated to respond accordingly to the COVID-19 pandemic and is working closely with all our partners to ensure Business Continuity to our customers. We are closely monitoring all updates from federal, state, and local governments, in addition to the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to stay up to date as things develop. We thank our employees for their tireless efforts and truly appreciate their steadfast dedication as they help our customers with their evolving needs during this difficult period.

Commitment to Our Customers:

As an essential telecommunications service provider, we play a critical role in keeping organizations connected via voice, data, and internet services. Regardless of business type, size, or sector, we know that, although their needs may vary, all our customers are important. We realize that they rely on us more than ever during this time and we are committed to being ready and available for them.

Supporting Remote User Requirements:

To help satisfy remote communications needs, we are making certain hardware and software available to our customers which provide them the ability to work from home, and including Mobile Apps in our NX Hosted VoIP services at no charge in an effort to help new customers transition from older premise-based voice systems that cannot provide remote communications services. To learn more about these offerings, please visit contact us at

Commitment to Uninterrupted Services:

Our advanced internet solutions, which incorporate increased throughput and seamless auto-failover, deliver the quality and reliability required by our customer’s evolving needs. They are designed to maximize connectivity to their Cloud services and to be flexible to meet the increasing demands of the current environment. We remain vigilant on assuring the reliability and performance of our services and responding quickly to our customers evolving needs.

As always, we ask our customers to reach out to their Nexxis representative if they require new services or assistance with a modification to their current Nexxis voice and data solution. Also, for any technical or billing related issues, please contact our Support Team by calling 888-7-NEXXIS or emailing  for prompt response.

Commitment to our Employees:

To help protect our employees during this time, we have taken steps to limit potential hazards related to the virus. Safeguards and limitations have been put in place regarding travel and events, and we have instituted remote-work solutions to enforce their safety.

Management has established daily briefings related to maintaining the health of our employees. We enforce the importance of good hygiene and employees have been asked to follow all quarantine and communication procedures in place related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We continue to follow all recommendations by government and health agencies, and are reviewing these daily to identify additional ways to improve safety.

Above all, we wish for everyone to stay healthy during this difficult period and ask that you remain optimistic as we all work through the challenges presented. We firmly believe that the efforts we collectively put into standing united against this pandemic will make us stronger than ever.

Stay safe!

John Camello
Nexxis Inc.